Dépendance affective


Some may claim that psychotherapy is a “new religion,” while others understand that it may be the answer, but only for a one portion of the population. Everyone should have the right to choose the support that is best suited for them. The “combative” who are seeking answers and proactive solutions are also entitled to a service: Coaching!

Psychotherapists may want to help everyone, however, psychotherapy may not necessarily be the answer for all. Those opposed to a coaching approach have tried to clump us coaches in the same basket, speaking poorly of our method regardless of our qualifications.  I have heard these criticisms, and wish to set the record straight.  In this article I will explain the differences.

Those who claim to know the answers to everything are often ignorant and have ceased to learn.  Coaching continues to evolve and practitioners understand that it is an effective solution for a person with a specific need.  Others may benefit from psychotherapy, however there are other options that may be better suited to their particular needs.  People who would benefit from psychotherapy have different needs than those who benefit from coaching.  As professionals, we should be able to recognize the variance between the two, and support the different options.

At present, coaching does not have a regulatory board, and it is true that anyone can provide coaching across various fields, regardless of their credentials. However, perhaps it is time to stop taking the entire population for fools; it is up to each person seeking help to verify the qualifications and capabilities of a selected coach, as they would review a Psychotherapist. The consumer must validate the suitability of any Coach by checking their website, references, and previous client testimonials.  It is recommended that you be vigilant in finding a Coach that is right for you.  Choosing randomly is not wise, be responsible in identifying your qualified Coach.

I have been a certified Coach, since 2002 and am post-master in NLP (neuro linguistic programming). I belong to the CPMDQ (Corporation of Alternative Medicine Practitioners in Quebec) and can issue receipts for Naturopathy (I used to issue psychotherapy receipts until 2012 when Bill 21 revoked that right).  While I understand that some have success with Psychotherapy, I am eager to connect with those who are less suited to the psychotherapy approach.  In the case where psychotherapy has not provided the desired results, I offer an alternative solution.

Coaching is evolving and a qualified Coach knows that coaching is most definitely an alternative solution for a specific category of the population.

I am convinced that I have no right to define where individuals turn for help. However, I know like all qualified Coaches with the right intention, that I am the solution for anyone who has “chosen” me, and whom I too have chosen, in order to achieve the best possible results for their intended objectives.

As a Coach, I do not compete with the world of Psychotherapy.  While I understand it will help some, I also know that it does not meet the needs of my clients.  That is why most have come to me after consulting with psychotherapist, and feel they have not addressed their specific needs.  I prefer to let each person decide what is right for them rather than to impose what may not be.  I believe from experience that imposing the “unsuitable” sends the message that there is no other choice.  It is understood that people respond more positively when given at least two choices.  When we believe there is only one choice, and should that choice not be suitable, hope can be lost, and the results devastating.

Let’s support Coaches who are working with those who are proactive, and also support those who have chosen psychotherapy in the case where it can help.  I fully support the choice of what is right for each.  I only wish for qualified Coaches to be left to work in peace, as we do our work with effectiveness and integrity.

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Pascale Piquet
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Autres articles dans: Dépendance affective
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